Pr. George Acsente - Preot Paroh


Born in a small village near the town of Galati on November 15 1974, Fr. George comes from a large Orthodox Christian family. He is the 8th child of Apostol and Tudosia Acsente, having a sister and seven brothers. His religious education has started since early childhood, the first catechesis receiving them at age three years old when he started to say "Our Father" in the midst of the Church. His grandfather has been endowed by God with a beautiful voice singing actively in the choir and urged George to do the same. Because of his grandfather, when George was 10 years old he was among the choir singers of Saint Dumitru church, and since then he have never stopped to sing and provide responses from pews.

In 1997 Fr. George was received by the late Father Gheorghe Calciu-Dumitreasa in the Holy Cross Parish in Alexandria Virginia. Father George, for almost a decade the spiritual father of George, prayed to God to have his spiritual son go back to school and finish his Theological studies, believing strongly that he is made to serve God not only from the church pew as well as from the Holy Shrine as Deacon and even Priest later on.

In 2002, George married, Preoteasa Diana and they have been blessed with three children. In 2008, Fr. George graduated from the Faculty of Theology, Romania and continued to grow as a parent, friend and servant of God. On March 25, 2012, Fr. George was ordain into priesthood at Saint Dumitru Church from NYC.

He gives God all the glory for achievements and gifts received through a healthy family and many acquired friendships.

Florian Ion